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Coral Frames for Citizen Action

Coral frames are an easy and cost-effective coral propagation device deployed as part of our Citizen Restoration Program. Everyone is invited to join this mission.

Coral frames are easy to use, quick to deploy, and can serve as a substrate for up to 50 broken coral fragments. We use coral frames at reef sites where reef degradation is far advanced and natural reef substrate - much needed for coral clip restoration - has been eroded.

In late 2021, we have soft launched the 'Citizen Restoration Program'. We invite dedicated citizens and divers from all backgrounds to come join us on-site and help us deploy coral frames at a popular dive and snorkeling site. At this site, heavy sedimentation and reef degradation have left many broken corals behind. With each passing day, these corals are at more risk of getting buried by sand and dead coral rubble.

Our aim is to deploy at least 500 coral frames until the end of 2025 with ~12,000 pieces of broken corals. This method aims at mitigating coral loss, restoring a popular snorkeling and dive site, and establishing a 'donor bank' for further reef restoration.

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