Help us increase our restoration capacity

 There are many meaningful ways you can help us succeed in our mission. One simple way to give back to coral reefs is to adopt a coral with us.

By adopting a coral, you will directly contribute to one coral being planted from our coral nurseries into a degraded coral reef site that we are currently restoring.

Coral reef restoration is very costly (SCUBA tanks, materials, boats, equipment, etc.,), but we have managed to reduce the costs associated with the coral transplantation process by applying novel techniques, such as the coral clips.

Between 2022 and 2025, we plan to plant 30,000 corals using coral clips and corals from our nurseries. This is an unprecedented scale for coral restoration in Malaysia, and thus we need your help!


100% of your adoption goes towards planting more corals back to the reef- with your support, we are immediately able to do more. Help us now in achieving our mission!

Don't forget: "coralku, coralmu jua"

Malay for "my coral is your coral too

How Coral Adoptions Work

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Your coral will be planted during our next fieldtrip

Adopt one coral at a cost of 50 RM (11 USD; 10 EUR; 9 GBP) to help us cover the materials, tools & resources needed for outplanting the coral into the designated restoration area. You can choose your customized adoption certificate or gift card. 

Simply click here to pay by debit / credit card or scan the QR-code (click here) for online transfers (only for Malaysian bank account holders). Both options are repeated below.

Adoption Details

As soon as we are on-site, our coral biologists will plant the coral for you. To make it official, we will send you an adoption certificate with a photograph of your coral. As we are closely monitoring our impact, we will keep checking up on your coral to see the positive impact that we are having on the environment. You will get to see your coral grow as we immerse you into the dynamic process of coral restoration!


Why adopt a coral?

Contribute to Malaysia's most cutting edge coral restoration program and be part of a growing movement!

How does coral restoration work?

It is a systematic process driven by science and ecological principals. Read more here.

What do I get for adopting a coral?

The reward of seeing you coral grow into something beautiful!

AND customized adoptions certificates and updates. 

OR a cool gift for a loved one

What about climate change?

We are focusing on resiience-based strategies fueled by our climate change research.

Where is my adopted coral coming from?

Your coral is currently growing in one of our coral nurseries and waiting for you to hit the button.

What else can I do?

Share, share and share!

Be an advocate of nature, vote green and for the climate, and be part of the #GenerationRestoration

Coralku Adopt a Coral

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Name: Coralku Solutions
Bank Account Number: 514271682323
Bank Account: Malayan Banking Bhd.

(Please do not forget to fill out the form above or email us at info@coralku.org to receive your adoption certificate)