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Citizen Restoration Program

Coral restoration is not an activity that is reserved just for scientists and highly trained individuals only. To successfully restore coral reefs we need all the help we can get, and since human wellbeing is inherently intertwined with the environment, an important aspect of ecosystem restoration is to reconnect people with the environment. 

At Coralku we are striving to empower individuals who want to join the restoration movement and get actively involved. That is the reason why we have launched the 'Citizen Restoration Program' in 2022. This program is intended for groups, such as companies who wish to contribute back to the environment (CSR / ESG projects), or for a group of friends who would like to travel with purpose.

Participants can join us on-site in Pulau Lang Tengah (Terengganu) at our flagship project for a truly immersive experience. During a fieldtrip to the beautiful island of Lang Tengah, you will closely work with our marine biologists to take part in our restoration project. You will learn all about the local and regional threats to coral reefs, get introduced to coral restoration and get firsthand experience. The best of it all, with your involvement we will be able to further our coral restoration scale: you will deploy your own coral frame and help us plant corals from our nurseries into designated restoration sites using coral clips. Participants will receive detailed instructions and briefings to be able to do each step individually (under supervision of our coral biologists).

This program aims at increasing our coral restoration numbers and get YOU involved in our restoration mission! Get in touch with us if you want to know more and to make a booking. Some key details below:

-Diving: Open Water license is required for coral clip planting dives

-Non-divers: coral frames can be done by snorkeling in shallow water (waist deep water)

-Accommodation: Summer Bay Resort, Lang Tengah Island (including all meals and return boat transfer from Merang jetty).

Get involved and take action!

Send us an inquiry to check availability

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