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Take action for our coral reefs

Coral restoration is not an activity that is reserved just for scientists and highly trained individuals only. To successfully restore coral reefs we need all the help we can get, and since human wellbeing is inherently intertwined with the environment, an important aspect of ecosystem restoration is to reconnect people with the environment. Simply put, strength comes in numbers, and action is amplified by proactive individuals.

Although we are not able to accept volunteers on-site due to our limited space, individuals can get involved by booking a coral planting dive / session on-site in P. Lang Tengah (open to non-divers and non-swimmers). Our team visits our restoration site once a month, and during this time it is possible to join our scientists to do a coral reef star and learn about the process of coral restoration. Divers with good buoyancy also have the opportunity to help us plant corals using our coraclip method. 

Please inquire below for availability. 

Get involved and take action!

Send us an inquiry to check availability

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