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Training, Consultancy & Capacity Building

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Ways We Can Help You

We understand that there are many obstacles to establishing a coral restoration project - we have been there! From planning the project, to materials, timelines, research skills and many more, we can help you go through this process.

Coral Restoration Project Design - Consultancy

It is not easy to plan all the steps of a coral restoration project and account for the all materials and resources. We can help you develop your project design and consult you on various methods that may suit your needs.

Coral Nursery Development - Training

Different coral nurseries have a different set of advantages and disadvantages. Thus, the question of whether to use a coral tree, a floating platform, or maybe a table structure as a nursery can be tricky. We can help your explore options and find the right fit.

Restoration Site Assessment - Training & Consultancy

Do you want to know where to plant corals to maximize restoration benefits? Or do you simply want to know how your house reef is doing? We can provide you these answers and show you how to assess your site.

Coral Identification - Training Course

There are more than 500 coral species in Malaysia, and it is not easy to identify them. Luckily, we can help you learn coral identification and how to apply these skills in the field.

Scalable outplanting - Training & Consultancy

We want to be a catalyzer for coral restoration practitioners in Malaysia and share our knowledge of how to conduct coral restoration at scale. This is a free service, all you need to do is cover the materials for outplanting and re-seeding.

Permanent Coral Reef Monitoring - Training

It is important to conduct surveys next to your restoration project to identify trends and patterns in reef health, and to know whether you are having a significant impact on your reef. We can teach various coral reef survey methods.

Lang Tengah Turtle Watch collaborates with Coralku on coral restoration and monitoring in Turtle Bay, Lang Tengah Island. In 2021, we received training by Coralku on how to collect broken coral fragments for restoration, how to grow them in coral tree nurseries and ultimately, on how to outplant corals back into the natural reef areas. We hope that by working together and sharing knowledge, we can collectively increase our efforts in preserving and protecting coral reef ecosystems.

Seh Ling Long, Principle Officer, Lang Tengah Turtle Watch

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