Reefs to Rubble & back to Reefs

Rubble to Reefs is an initiative to restore coral reefs through substrate stabilization and.

On average, 30% of the reef substrate in Pulau Lang Tengah is covered by dead coral rubble. In extreme cases, this number is even 99%. But what does this mean for coral rubble?

When coral reefs die, the skeleton of individual colonies eventually disintegrates and falls onto the seabed as 'coral rubble'. Coral rubble is extremely mobile, and during the monsoon season, when waves are very strong, entire fields of coral rubble are on the move. This prevents natural recovery of damaged reef sites and is the final stage of coral reef degradation. However, during scientific site assessments, we have noted that many coral species are still found as 'recruits' (a.k.a baby corals) in these rubble, which means that if the substrate would be stable, these corals could settle, survive and grow bigger until they reach adulthood - eventually initiating reef recovery naturally.

We also stabilized small portions of these rubble fields, and thus we know that corals can happily grow at these degraded sites and continue to stabilize the substrate naturally by overgrowing it - they just need a 'catalyzer'. Therefore, we made it our mission to stabilize as many patches as possible, and slowly but surely, connect these patches into a healthy and vibrant mosaic of coral reef.

You can contribute to this undertaking by pledging your support to this project. Contact us to find out how.